Wande Oseni (b.1995)
Figurative Art

Yewande Oseni is a self-taught Nigerian visual artist based in Lagos State.

She draws inspiration from her experiences, those of close relations as well as her opinions and commentary on issues of women rights, gender equity, mental health, societal and environmental struggles.

Wande's preferred medium are acrylics and digital painting using distinctive biological gender symbols to represent the subject heads.

"When it comes to expressing myself through my art, I relay the beauty and ugliness of my experiences, those of friends, issues of mental health, femininity, gender equity and human interactions.

The use of biological gender symbols in my works as heads is to put more emphasis on body language, which I am more in tune with rather than facial expressions, in conveying feelings and emotions."

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  2022 Womanifesto - Afrinova Group Exhibition, Switzerland.

  2021 Commune group exhibition
  2021 Colours of the uprising group exhibition by TAAG Gallery.

  2020 Inside Life, VividArtGallery, Lagos, Nigeria
  2020 Call Collect Virtual exhibition by Formefemme, Germany
  2020 Reflect, Repair, Recover exhibition by Kuta Art Foundation

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