We Are Still Here
Group Exhibition
13.06 - 18.06.2023 

Basel, Switzerland 
We Are Still Here Exhibition

How are we looking at our pasts to better understand our present moment in order to influence our futures?
Our group exhibition, We Are Still Here, explores this question through the independent voices of contemporary African and diaspora artists.

In this present intersection of hybrid realities & identities, we invite our audience to reflect on what it means to be custodians of heritage. What kind of world emerges when people tap into a new era of creation outside of validated systems?

Inspired by the text with the same title - written by Zimbabwean archaeologist Ashton Sinamai - WE ARE STILL HERE, affirms through various artistic mediums, the inherent nature and influence of African knowledge systems embedded within the contemporary art world.

By delving into the concept of heritage, the exhibition offers us the collective opportunity to redirect our gaze, look within and build new pools of knowledge curated by us through us.

An interdisciplinary showcase of the intrinsic creativity and esoteric methods of knowledge passed down through generations to acknowledge the simple fact that 'we stand on the shoulders of giants.'
Our artists share a new context to the continent's rich culture, and we get to experience some of the many ways heritage continues to inform and influence their realities.

Exhibiting Artists: Afroscope, Cherry-Ann Davids, Kwaku Opoku, Laura Arminda Kingsley, Mpho Mokgadi, Ntshepe Tsekere Bopape (Mo Laudi), Nyahan Tachie Menson, Teddy Pratt and Valerie Etitinwo.

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Art & Culture Program
13.06 - 30.06.2023 

Basel, Switzerland 
Afrinova X Afrobasel Verein

We are happy to announce the launch of HeritageConcept!! A collaborative community intervention that aims to seamlessly connect creativity, culture, and heritage to usher in a diasporic cultural experience in the vibrant city of Basel.

HeritageConcept taps into the interconnected culture of creativity to offer an experience uniquely positioned at the intersection of an evolving community, creative industry and global conversation.

The month-long program showcases African heritage and culture through diverse artists, speakers, DJs, and community collaborations. We invite both local and international communities to engage with the rich and diverse creative voices of people of African descent. Some of the HeritageConcept include Group Exhibition, Community Activations and Night Life Experiences.

Visit www.heritageconcept.co Program for more.

Museum Rietberg
Artist Residency 
03.2023 - 08.2023

Zürich, Switzerland 
Look Closer: Black Art-ist Residency

Afrinova X Museum Rietberg - Introducing the Black Art(ist) residency program in partnership with Museum Rietberg.

The 5-month artist residency forms part of the museum's exhibition ‘Look Closer – African Art in the Hans Himmelheber archives’.

Working across multiple disciplines artists Titilayo Adebayo (NewKyd), Cherry-Ann Davis and Teddy Pratt will contribute to the sociocritical and decolonial topics introduced through the archives.

The `Look Closer` exhibition deconstructs the colonial archive to ask questions like:
“How does knowledge about the production of art in Africa come about? What do words like “art” and “artist” actually mean? What is the role of African agents and perspectives in the production of this knowledge?”

#BlackArtIST forms part of Afrinova’s ongoing discourse with the museum concerned with redefining and exploring new concepts to which African art is portrayed and understood.

Moderation: Larissa Tiki Mbassi
Program Curators: Keabetswe Boccomino and Jonas Lendenmann

No registration required. Ticket included in the regular entrance fee of the museum. Free entry for Zurich Art Weekend VIP guests.

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Regionale 23 - Visarte Region Basel
26.11.2022 – 01.01.2023

Basel, Switzerland
Afrinova Director Keabetswe Boccomino  was invited by  Visarte Region Basel’s to create a concept and curate for the Regionale23 exhibition festival.

Take Back Your Keys group exhibition features art by seven artists from diverse backgrounds who share their own interpretations of "limiting notions".
It observes a deeper consideration of how our worlds are constructed and what this means when seeking to find our place within it.

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Swiss African Business Circle
Commissioned Artwork

Bern, Switzerland
Afrinova collaborated with the Swiss-African Business Circle that commissioned artworks for their 2022 Status Quo Report publication.

Featuring the thought-provoking art and photography by Ghanian artist Kwaku Opoku the publication provides a holistic look at how Swiss-African business relations contribute to the Swiss economy.

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