Yassine Balbzioui Solo Exhibition - CHARADES


Yassine Balbzioui (B.1972) gives us the art of play in his solo exhibition at MCC Gallery.

The show titled CHARADES is both a process and an experiment that shares playful and absurd imagery that lies on “ the borders that paradoxically separate fictional reality and oniric truth”.

In this liminal space between fact and fantasy, Yassine captures different aspects of human animality through curious comical scenes.

CHARADES is on show at MCC Gallery, Marrakech till 25.02.2023

Mo Baala - La Terre est bleue comme une Orange


Some impressions from the solo show by Moroccan Pluridisciplinary artist Mo Baala (B.1986) at Galerie 127.

La Terre est bleue comme une Orange (The Earth is Blue as an Orange)

Mo whose “sources of inspiration are as eclectic as the form his work takes” creates works ranging from sculpture, painting, collage and street art.

Artworks from the show depict the imaginings and conversations on objects, nature and pop culture, often pointing us to the irrational ways in which the world and our understanding of it is structured.

Mo’s works will be on show with Galerie d’art L'Atelier 21 during the 1-54 Marrakech Art Fair taking place from 9-12.02.2023.

The Global Contemporary African Diaspora Art Renaissance Series

The Diaspora Digital News art series curated by Ludlow E. Bailey highlights some of the pivotal ways that contemporary African art is influencing the renaissance of visual art & culture in the diasporic art scene.

Through the editorial feature with Diaspora Digital News Ludlow, managing director of CADA (Contemporary Africa Diaspora Art) introduces the profiles of contemporary artists who are using their art to share new narratives throughout the continent.

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Riad Yima by Hassan Hajjaj

During our trip to Marrakech,  we visited the atelier of renowned Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj. A definite sight to behold!

Riad Yima is an intimate space featuring some of the artist's most prolific series of works.

'My Rock Stars: Volume 1' is an African portraiture series that pays homage to some of the most influential and inspirational people that the artist has encountered. Hassan refers to the boutique gallery as a labour of love, that also functions as a tearoom and lifestyle products created from recycled material.

The riad is an immersion into some of the influential ways in which African art and artisan culture is reshaping how we experience creative spaces.

Art Basel 2022 - African Artists To See

We have compiled a list of some of the talented artists from the African continent that are showing at this year's much anticipated Art Basel fair.

• Helena Uambembe - South Africa
• Basim Magdy – Egypt
• Barthélémy Toguo – Cameroon
• Ouattara Watts - Ivory Coast/U.S

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