South Africa
Mixed Media

Percy Maimela is a self-taught South African artist based in Johannesburg. His works consist mainly of acrylic, pastel, and charcoal drawings. They share a socially conscious message centered around the experiences of women and girls in society.

Maimela discovered his love for art during his early childhood and continues to hone his craft through experimentation with unconventional materials such as salt, coffee beans, and maize.

He has thus gained himself a place in The Guinness World Record for his creation of the largest coffee art mosaic in 2019.

Percy frankly admits to not making “happy art.” Still, his art is more concerned with depicting honest human experiences that viewers may sometimes perceive as dark or sad. However, through his expression of these experiences, he is also able to capture the tenacity and power of the human spirit.

His latest series of works titled ‘Little Princess’ and ‘The Shepherd’ journeys us through the actuality of human growth and evolution from struggle. While most of his works have an evident element of storytelling, symbolism also plays an essential part in how Percy narrates the underlying experiences of his subjects.

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2021        Dubai Art Expo | Dubai, UAE
2020       MmArthouse Solo Exhibition
2019        Guinness World Record Holder for the largest coffee grounds mosaic
2019        Thami Mnyele Fine Art Award
2019        Merchant, Johannesburg  [Group Exhibition]
2019        Trend Gallery  [Group Exhibition]
2019        Keyes Art Mile  [Group Exhibition]
2019        Rust en Verde Gallery
2018        The South African State Theatre Solo Exhibition
2018        Exhibition at Turbine Art Fair
2018        Exhibition Julie Miller Investment Art Institute
2017         Top 40s of Sanlam Portrait Award.

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